Good health is not limited to healthy food .Health, beauty, fitness and our mental and physical well being goes hand in hand.In  the present fast pace life everyone desires a stress free happy life.We can alter our lifestyles by bringing little changes that can create greater impact .

So, here are some key elements that we should focus on.

  • How to maintain healthy body?
  • How to select right food for us?
  • How to add healthy recipes in our daily routine?
  • How to keep ourself upgraded with the latest health trends?

DON’T BE ON DIET, JUST EAT RIGHT!   DIET is not about skipping meals and getting petite.Its the intake of balanced and healthy food.

At Food Counsellors we will see how healthy recipes works for us! We can keep ourselves connected on this forum while  we share health and happiness!

Let’s Improve and let’s become better health ambassadors! 🙂

  • Food for the Body (Healthy Eating Routine -what to do ?- Healthy food Recipes )
  • Food for the Face  ( Beauty Hecks -Using natural -Homemade DIY products)
  • Food for the  Soul (Fitness tips,   Do’s and Don’t , Meditate, yoga, exercise) 
  • Research Updates.
  • Food and healthy products Reviews.